Saturday, June 25, 2016

Red Hat Society World Wide Hoot

Vegas Red Hat Diva's and several other chapters met at the Plaza Casino and Hotel and then we walked, talked and stopped to sing along Fremont Street ending up at Heart Attack Grill.  The temperature outside may have been Hot but I think we were Hotter.

Here is a group photo before we started walking. In the center is Mary Lawson and Mary Stopa

Here is another group photo with Myself and Mary Lawson

 Here is Marie
 Sandy and Sheila
 We were getting ready to sing. Mary giving us our cues!

Changing songs
 Regina singing in the background

 We thought the golden cowboy was a statue until he moved!!

 Here is Regina, Sheila, Marie and Sandy singing.

 Another group photo with a singing street vendor

 Another group with Marie, Mary Lawson and Mary Stopa

 Some of us stopped one more time to sing before Lunch..

 Here is Regina getting her gown at Heart Attack Grill.

 Vegas Red Hat Diva's watching someone getting spanked for not finishing their lunch!

Sheila and Marie being silly

 Our waitress, she was so cute.

 We were making up our minds and talking about the Hoot!

 Here I am joining in on a group photo with our  street vendor who had a wooden dummy, who talked the whole time.

We had a wonderful time singing, getting to know new ladies and just having Fun the Red Hat Way!!

Queen Jackie

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