Sunday, March 26, 2017

March"s Birthday Celebration

The Vegas Red Hat Diva's have been busy this month, we started off with Celebrating Marie Halls and Doris Reynolds Birthdays with a luncheon at our new Cracker Barrel in Las Vegas. Welcome our newest member Annette Werner to our chapter. Then we went to the Royal Splendor Shopping Spree in Las Vegas by the airport, and of course lunch at Egg Works. Lot's of fun, laughter and Hugs. Here are a lot of photos. #ChooseFun

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Vegas Red Hat Diva's Celebrating February Birthdays

Today the Diva's and I went on an adventure to a new Store that has Red Hat Items Hodge Podge and lunch at Egg Works. It was suppose to celebrate Doris's Birthday, but she had to go to the emergency room and she wanted us to go anyway. So next month we will celebrate hers and Marie's together. Happy Birthday Doris anyway. So her are some pictures of our afternoon.

This is The Hodge Podge Corner Store on the 2550 Chandler #47

Renee joining us inside

Regina having a ball shopping

Lots to choose from, Pirates Hats, jewelry and more.

Regina, Jackie and Regina at lunch.

Alfretta and Carolyn joined us.

It was a delightful day and we had a lot of fun. I love finding new places to shop and eat!!
Miss everyone that was busy today, hope to see you soon. #ChooseFun

Friday, December 16, 2016

Vegas Red Diva's Annual Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap

Welcome everyone to our Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap, this year it was held at the lovely Rebecca Morgan's House. I wish you could have been there to see all her lovely decorations and tree. We had such a wonderful time, playing games, having a Cookie Contest and snacking of course. Lot's of new cookies this year. I also shared with the group the letter I got from VFW Christmas Basket Program thanking us for our donation.
We also donated the rest of our cookies and some of our ladies baked extra cookies for our Military and veterans.

I am also sorry so many of our ladies were ill and indisposed this year. Hope everyone feels better soon. You were missed.

I have posted some pictures of our day. Enjoy and Merry Christmas from Vegas Red Hat Diva's and me there Queen Jackie Watson.#SharetheFunofRHS

Here Marie and I are starting our day of Fun.
 I just love Christmas Socks and Rebecca's are awesome!

 Here we all are posing
Another group

 Discussion on Cookies

Doris, Rebecca, Lois and Regina taking a cookie break
Rebecca's beautiful tree

Marie discussing how she made her cookies

Regina checking her cookie choices

Too many cookies to choose from

The winners are! Everyone

Rebecca received a beautiful Red Hat Cat

Presents for everyone

My lovely ladies, Doris, Regina, Rebecca, Carolyn Marie and Lois

I want to thank everyone for such a wonderful day and Rebecca for having us in her home. Merry Christmas everyone.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Vegas Red Hat Diva's Thanksgiving Bunco

This Saturday the Vegas Red Hat Diva's met for Bunco, food and planning session for our annual Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap. For those who do not know what that is, it simple is a party where everyone brings cookies to share and the recipe of course! This year we are going to do some Marvelous things. More information on that is coming. Here are some lovely photos of the days event.

Here is Brenda, Regina, Lois and Alfretta having fun and talking.

I told you we had food!!

Ladies hard at playing!

Here I am with Rebecca to my left and our new member Alfretta to my right.

Here I am with Lois, Rebecca and Alfretta

Gaylynne and Rebecca having Fun

Lois, Alfretta and Brenda having Fun

We had a wonderful day of playing, eating and talking of course. We also had a short meeting on our annual Christmas Party. More to come on that. All of us hope you enjoyed our day.
Queen Jackie

Monday, July 25, 2016

Vegas Red Hat Diva's Birthday, Bunco Celebration

Bunco anyone! July's Birthday gathering was a blast, we all gathered at Gaylynne home for lunch, Birthday surprise's for our Vice Queen Regina and of course Bunco!  My whole chapter showed up to play, eat and make Merry. Here are some pictures of our day of sharing and making memories.

Here is one of my newest members  Renee getting ready to play.

 Here is Gloria waiting patiently

 Lovely group of Diva's, Rebecca, Marie, Carolyn and Lois

 My lovely sister and I

Diva's in action 
Regina so excited at her Birthday gifts

Sheila and Gaylynne taking a break

 My sister Brenda, Sheila and Gaylynne getting ready to play, waiting on the 4th

 Patty our new member, Rebecca, Lois, Renee, Doris, and my sister watching the Birthday girl

Everyone enjoying Regina's Birthday

Gaylynne our Hostess taking a well earned break

More birthday pictures

Well here is my lovely Diva's having fun

Another view of my lovely pictures

I am missing one Diva's, she happened to take the pictures, and when we tried to take one with her in it is was blurring.  I hope you enjoyed our wonderful day. I know I did.