Saturday, November 11, 2017

Vegas Red Hat Diva's Movie and Lunch

5 of us met at the Cannery theater for the premiere of the new version of Murder on the Orient Express. I am a great Agatha Christie fan and just had to see the remake. I enjoyed the movie and loved Johnnie Depp. Although I really believe the older version was more to my taste. Great action, story and I believe they all did the writer proud.

After words we met a couple more of our chapter for lunch at Cracker Barrel on east Craig. We had a wonderful lunch and had a blast shopping.

As you will see from a few photos I took.

Rebbeca and I having lunch

 Marie being helpful

 Regina arriving
 Regina and Sheila
 Diva's stopping for a photo, shop away ladies
 Rebecca showing me her find!

We had a wonderful time and I hope we do this again soon#ChooseFun

Monday, October 9, 2017

October Card Class

Saturday, October 7th, was World Card Making Day, so my sister and  I held a Stamp Camp at my home for my Red Hat Society group Vegas Red Hat Diva's and another Queen Mary Lawson. We had eight very excited ladies, this was my groups 2nd year doing this and it just happen to fall on World Card Making Day. How Cool is that?

My Red Hat Group came out in force and had a great time.  Everyone brought finger food to keep up our energy, door prizes were given out. 
We had four work stations to begin with and added a fifth as time went on.  Each lady made 18 cards (14 different designs) and a case to hold their cards.  We started early in the morning and finished mid-afternoon.  All of us were very tired, but we had a great time. Below are some pictures before we started and during. ENJOY!
Here are some shots of what the class looked like before we started.

Here is Marie getting started with my sister's help

Here is Rebecca finished box for her cards. It turn out gorgeous.

 Here Rebecca and I are putting together one of the cards.
Mary listening to my sister explain what is next
 Lois beautiful card
 Sheila's finished her card box
 Marie finished her 1st card only 17 more to go!
 Annette, Rebecca and I hard at work
 Our Birthday Girl Carolyn, wearing her Princess Crown for the day!
 Lois and her card box
 Next card please
Is it lunch yet?

Ladies very hard at play

Gaylynne waving
 Marie checking out her cards
 Sheila finishing her last card
It was a wonderful day had by all, we stamped, talked, ate, stamp, talked and stamped some more.
I want to personally thank my sister for not only making all the card kits but also letting us into her home. I also want to thank all the ladies that showed up and joined in on the fun. Until next time!
Queen Jackie Watson #ChooseFun

Friday, September 29, 2017

Sept Bunco and Birthday Celebration

Our group just loves Bunco and since we had a lot of Birthdays to celebrate why not combine it all and have one great big party. Gaylynne was gracious enough to loan us her home for this event.

As you can tell we had a lot of fun. We missed our ladies who could not attend and hope to see them at Octobers Event.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Celebrating Red Hat Society World Wide Hoot Day

We decided to go too Clark County Museum and lunch for our Hoot! It was over triple digits that day and we survived and had fun anyway.

Bonnie Springs and May's Birthday Celebration

The Diva's had a lot going on in May, but we took time to go too Bonnie Springs and have a Fun Day with other Red Hat Sisters. We also went to Famous Dave's BBQ for our Queens Birthday. Here are just a few pictures.

 Best thing about going is the prizes

 Waiting in line to get in and start the Fun

 Our Host Queen Connie

 Cutest Jailbirds I have ever seen!

Birthday Celebration at Famous Dave's
 Great group of Ladies
 They surprised me with 2 fastinaters in a beautiful box

All in all we had a wonderful time in May and hope to see you in June.