Monday, April 4, 2016

Hat Making Day with Vegas Red Hat Diva's

Last Saturday a group of ladies and chapter members of Vegas Red Hat Diva's gathered and had a pitch-in lunch and Hat Making Day.  As a group we decided to make one hat for the Battle of Bonnets in 2wks.  It was a wonderful day meeting new ladies, and sharing our Hat making ideas, and there were allot of ideas. So with Glue gun, Rhinestones and more here are a few pictures of our day.

Before we started
Patty and Regina in  design thought

 Are sure you want it here?
 Discussion before we started

 Discussion what we need
Creation in motion

Rhinestones, Rhinestones
Patty hard at work
I think the bow needs a little straightening

Regina, Patty and I discussing ideas

Rebecca, Patty, Regina and I sharing ideas
Checking progress in mirror

Queen Jackie doing happy dance
Patty, Marie joining me

Back to work!!
We have some tweaking to do and add some feathers. I will post my hat when it is finished.
Hope you enjoyed our fun day.
Queen Jackie

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